Caring for your denim

No 24/79

Denim tolerates both washing and drying pretty well. However, pre-washed and raw denim need different approaches.

How to:

Turn all denim inside out and wash either by hand or by machine on a cold and delicate cycle. Take out from the machine as soon as you can and hang to dry (goodbye creases). Don’t tumble dry, especially if there’s a bit of stretch in there.

Raw denim dye transfers easily to light surfaces: underwear, shirts, trainers, furniture. Be careful where you sit. Make sure to wash your raw denim alone or with similar colours, as the indigo will bleed. Hang to dry and place a newspaper underneath to catch any dripping dye.

The care label tells you how to best keep your favourites safe from harm, make sure you read it. Please consider the environment when washing – colder water saves energy.