Studio AW20, KWT

Introducing H&M Studio A/W 2020

For everyone who loves floating between hyper feminine and ultra-masculine tailoring.

Combining bold opulence and punk charm, H&M Studio A/W 2020 is for wild hearts and refined rebels. The limited edition autumn/winter collection is a little bit grunge, a little bit old world elegance and a whole lot of ’70’s disco. 

“The A/W 2020 muse is not afraid to challenge the status quo. This collection is for those that celebrate being oneself above all else. Wear the bold earrings to work, try the lingerie-inspired dress over the red leather trousers, or layer with the deep V-neck dresses for a relaxed sexiness,” 

says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M. The collection features a colour palette of azure blue, malachite green, and champagne pinks offset by geode-like marble prints, glittering metallics and black patent leather.  

Studio AW20, KWT

H&M Studio A/W 2020 is about the magic of floating between the hyper feminine and the ultra-masculine. This ethos comes to life in the interplay of à la garçonne style with Italian glamour. Recycled polyester frills, ruffles, and sharp tailoring were key to achieving the collection's day-to-night spirit.

“The blue wool blazer nips at the waist, while the green jacquard blazer is a relaxed, yet still opulent, alternative. Each challenges the wearer to celebrate the masculine and feminine within themselves,”

says Linda Wikell, H&M Studio’s Concept Designer. The collection embodies a tactile approach to textiles; premium-quality recycled Italian wool adds a classic weightiness to outerwear, shimmering lurex offsets masculine silhouettes and leather brings playfulness to wardrobe staples; resulting in a perfect dress-down or dress-up self-assured sensibility. 

Studio AW20, KWT

"What inspires me the most about this collection is how timeless it felt. Every piece is a reflection of the past, present and future."

Alton Mason

Studio AW20, KWT

This season, instead of shooting a traditional campaign, the H&M Studio A/W 2020 team asked some of the Studio muses to style and photograph the campaign from home. Celeste, Barbie Ferreira, Veronika Heilbrunner, Alton Mason, Mia Kong and Young Emperors each captured their unique interpretations of the collection; their style and individuality taking centre stage. 

Studio AW20, KWT

We asked Young Emperors how they styled the collection:

“We began by looking at each of the pieces individually and analysing them; touching them. We then started to create a pattern in our minds of what we could pair together, what colour schemes and shapes could flow together to create harmony. From that point we tried to express the story that these looks are telling by using our bodies as tools. It can be about movement, about making sure the shapes and beauty of the clothes shine through; it can be a narration, a concept, but it also can just be a visual statement, for example one where we question the idea of gender in clothing.” 

The H&M Studio AW20 collection will be available online from 24 September.