Ironing a shirt

No 16/79

Nothing beats the feeling of a freshly ironed shirt.

You need:

Iron and wrinkly shirt.

How to:

1. Iron the back of the collar first.

2. Flatten the sleeve cuffs and iron from the back.

3. Iron the sleeves by laying the them flat on the ironing board, folded at the seam. Iron away from the seam until you have a little bit left before you hit the edge of the sleeve. Turn the fabric so that this part lays flat on the board and iron it, avoiding any crease.

4. Continue with the button front, using the point of the iron between the buttons. Proceed to the other part of the front.

5. Iron the back of the shirt by laying it flat on the ironing board and doing one part at a time.

6. Finish with the yoke and the upper part of the back. That’s it!

The care label tells you how to best keep your favourites safe from harm, make sure you read it.