Long Tulle Dress
KD 29.990
Sandra Mansour
Sandra Mansour

We've teamed up with Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour, known for her dreamy and daring aesthetic — always with a modern coolness to it. For this collection, she found inspiration in female artists and the beauty of nature. The result? Empowering pieces in an earthy colour palette, where edgy ruffles meet layers of romantic fabrics.

We are donating $200,000 to support the work of the Red Cross in Lebanon.

Flounced Tulle Blouse
KD 9.990
Sandra Mansour
Tulle-flounced Skirt
KD 19.990
Tulle-skirt Lace Dress
KD 24.990
Sandra Mansour
Printed T-shirt
KD 7.500
Sandra Mansour