AW22 Trend report

Take a seat at Brasserie Hennes

Discover our AW22 trend report.

Autumn/Winter 2022 is inspired by the streets of Paris: a place that has influenced the fashion-forward for decades and holds endless, exciting possibilites in the form of Paris Fashion Week. This season, you're invited to sit on the front row of the city's accidental runway outside of Brasserie Hennes. This is the place to people-watch and spot the hottest looks of the season.

When it comes to creating street-style worthy looks for the season, our key pieces are on hand to inspire you. Bold colours are styled for impact, checked pieces come together to make a statement, standout knitted dresses take their place as a new essential and playful pleated skirts add a sense of joy to the everyday.

Paris-inspired style? Check!

You can draw inspiration from the characters of Paris, too.

Can you spot The Minimalists? They move in monochromatic tones and sleek silhouettes. Or, maybe The Intellectuals will catch your eye: dressed up in tweed jackets and oversized glasses. The Glam Squad are impossible not to notice in their playful partywear and colourful accessories, while you’ll know The Adventurers by their striking outerwear in intriguing proportions.

AW22 Trend report

Which trend are you?

A host of style explorers are searching for fashion magic and Brasserie Hennes is the perfect place to start the journey; Jill Kortleve seeks exciting new ventures, Naomi Campbell offers her local expertise and the style circles of Paris give fashion inspiration galore. At Paris Fashion Week, everyone is being encouraged to embrace all the unique newness of AW22 and explore the unique spirit of you.

AW22 Trend report