Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Look Fabulous with H&M’s Hair Accessories

Hair Clips: Good Hair Day Everyday
Check out our wide collection of hair clips – from pearl beaded to plain and classic, H&M guarantees to provide you with the foundation for a cute hairstyle.

Headbands: Your Customized Crown

Headbands made a major comeback, and H&M has a diverse range to help you stay stylish and trendy! You have options for every mood, from minimalist designs to sequined and festive headbands.

Scrunchies: Bringing Back the 90s

Scrunchies are back and they’re here to stay. H&M offers different colors, patterns, designs, and materials to pick from. These cute hair accessories can hold your hair in place and can also be worn on your wrist for an outfit twist!

Bobby Pins: Pro Hairstyles in Minutes

Discover our wide collection of bobby pins that come in various sizes and styles and are secret weapons to a perfect bun or keeping your updos in place.

Hair Ties: Style and Practicality

Who said hair ties have to be boring? Our range of hair ties combines style and practicality, keeping your ponytails and buns on point.

Claw Clips: Effortless Style

Claw clips are every girl’s best friend when it comes to a quick updo. H&M's collection includes various sizes and designs, making it easy to create stylish looks in a snap.
In conclusion, whether you’re looking for scrunchies, headbands, bobby pins, or claw clips, H&M has you covered with different designs to help you elevate your style. Check out our other accessories like rings, and sunglasses, and get creative with your style!